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7. When you’re on the Shared Documents content page, click the down arrow for one of
the library items to access the drop-down menu. In addition to the standard menu items,
there is now a Version History option (Figure 8.24).
The version
options for library
In addition, now when you select an item, the tiny Version History button in the Manage
section of the Documents ribbon will be available.
On library items that are not checked out, there is also a publishing option. Publishing
takes a draft or minor version and makes it a major version. If the document has only a
major version available or the most recent version of the document is a major version, the
menu will display Unpublish This Version. If the most recent version of a document is a
minor version, Publish A Major Version will appear so you can elevate it to major.
8. My example is going to use the uploaded file from earlier in the chapter (my example is
literally uploaded ). Like all other documents in this library, it currently has only one
version; this is why the publishing option in the item’s drop-down menu is Unpublish This
Version. Select Version History from the item’s drop-down menu.
In the Version History box, you can see that there is only one version of this document in
my example (Figure 8.25). Because it is the only version, it is a major version by default.
Published major versions are indicated by the highlighted color of the background
surrounding the entry (it varies depending on the theme you use).
The Version
History page for
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