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4. When you are done with the Check In settings, click OK.
5. In the Shared Documents library, the document is not checked out, but otherwise it
looks unchanged. To see how the version history looks, select it from the item’s
drop-down menu.
On the Version History page (Figure 8.29), the topmost 2.0 version is now the published
major version and is highlighted with a background color appropriate for the site theme
to indicate at a glance that it is not a minor version.
The Version
History page with a
new major version
On the Version History page you can do several things with the saved versions of the
document. You can restore any one of the previous versions to the top of the list (which means that
version is edited when you click the linked field for a document in the library).
You can delete a previous version (or even delete all minor versions), but not the current
version. A current version of a document will need to be replaced at the top of the list before it can
be deleted. This is usually done by creating a different new version or by restoring a previous
version of the document to the top of the list. On the Version History page, you can also view the
properties of the document for each version if you’d like (View on the drop-down menu). This is
where having users ill in Status or Progress fields would come in handy to track the progress of
a document via its fields.
To either unpublish or delete, restore, or view the properties of a version on the Version
History page, just move your cursor over the version’s date and time (which is the linked field
for this list), and click the down arrow in the selection box that appears around it. In the
dropdown menu are Restore, View, and Delete for the previous versions. If you select the most
recent, major version of the document (Figure 8.30), it will not have a Delete option and will
have an Unpublish This Version option instead—just as it would on the library’s content page
for the document.
Unpublishing a Major version
If you unpublish a major version of a document, it is demoted to a minor version. To see how
this works, in the selection menu of the current, published version of the document, select
Unpublish This Version. (Note that you could also do this from the item’s drop-down menu on
the content page.) The document version will not be removed from the top of the list; it will still
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