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be the most current version and the one that will be edited from the content page; however, its
version number will go from a major whole number to a minor (draft) decimal number, 2.0 to 1.2
in my example (Figure 8.31).
The drop-down
menu for the
current version of the
Unpublishing a
published version
of a document
Remember that draft numbered documents can be hidden from users who can only read
documents in the library. If content approval is enabled, those allowed to approve items can see a
minor version of a document. Similarly, if you publish a minor version of a document to a major
version, it will become viewable by those who otherwise couldn’t see it in draft form. Keep these
things in mind as you manage who sees what in a library.
Back on the Shared Documents content page, if you access the item’s drop-down menu, you
will see that the Publish A Major Version option is now listed, because we unpublished the
current version to a minor version. If we publish the current version of the document, it would be
brought back up to version 2.0 once again. However, at this time, let’s leave the most recent
version of the document in a minor state.
Restoring a Previous version of a Document
Let’s say that the edits for the most recent version of this document are going in the wrong
direction and you need the document to be restored to previous edits. To restore a previous
version of the document to the top of the version list, you first need to check it out.
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