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Why do you need to check out a document before you restore a previous version of it? It’s
because you previously set Require Check Out on all document items in the library. So if you
are going to roll back all changes to a document and its properties, you need to check out the
1. In this two-step process, select Check Out from the drop-down menu for the library item
you’ve been working with (my example is uploaded). A dialog box will ask you to
confirm that you want to check out the file (don’t store a copy in a local drafts folder); click
OK. That will simply add a green arrow to the bottom-right side of the content type icon
for the document.
2. The next step is to select Version History from the item’s drop-down menu. In the Version
History box for the document, notice that simply checking out a document causes it to
generate a minor version without even opening the file yet (Figure 8.32).
The checkout
created another
version before edits.
3. To restore a previous version (my example uses 1.1), simply select Restore from the
version’s drop-down menu. You will be warned that you are going to replace the current
version with the selected version. That’s fine, so click OK.
4. You’ll see that the most current version of the document is a copy of the old version 1.1 (it
will be the same size), but it will have been renumbered to assume the most current
version number available. To verify that it is the correct version (the less current one, the one
that does not have the major-version, final changes), click the Time And Date link for it.
That will open the document (with the requisite warning that you are opening a
document), and because you checked it out, it will otherwise open without prompting you
because it is not set to Read Only. Take a look; the last edits you made in the document
should be missing. So if those edits weren’t what you wanted, you could continue the
document from this point.
5. You are just looking and won’t be making any changes at this time, so close the
document, leave it checked out, and go back to the Version History box.
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