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Setting the
Content Approval and
Draft Item
Security settings
The Shared Documents library should now be set to require content approval. There is a new
column in the All Documents view indicating the approval status of the items, and two new
views (Approve/Reject Items and My Submissions) to help you keep track of approved items. Any
item that was a major version in the library prior to enabling content approval is automatically
approved—because everyone has been looking at it anyway. Minor items are considered drafts.
Let’s create a new document item and see how content approval works. In this
demonstration, you are going to create the document as a SharePoint site collection administrator, so make
sure that is how you are logged in now. Later you can log in to a workstation as a normal user
with edit permissions on the library to see what that user would see, but you will be working in
the library with administrative privileges.
1. Click the New Document button in the Documents ribbon to create a new document.
2. You might get a Warning dialog box reminding you which document template you are
opening. You can safely ignore the warning about the template, and click OK.
You might be prompted for your SharePoint username and password because Word
needs to know who you are in case you want to use the Shared Workspace task pane.
This occurs particularly if you are logged into SharePoint with an account that doesn’t
match the one with which you logged into the computer.
3. When the document opens, enter a relevant value in the Project field in the Document
information panel.
4. In the document, enter some sample text.
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