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you’d like before making this minor version a major version. You don’t get a new blank
Comment box, because you are not creating a new version of the document; there were no
changes made to it or its properties. You are just changing the version number.
The options
available for a draft
version of a
The Publish Major
Version dialog box
2. Add to the comment about the change in version if you’d like, and click OK. On the
library’s content page, you can see that the new document now has Pending approval
status (Figure 8.38).
3. Check out the item’s drop-down menu; it will have two new options. Now that the
current version of the document item is a major one, you can approve/reject the item or
cancel approval (Figure 8.39).
4. Before you change the approval status of this version of the document, verify that there is
only one version of the document. In the item’s drop-down menu, select Version History
(Figure 8.40).
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