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What do you do if you changed a document version from minor to major by mistake? If you checked
in a document as a major version, but you meant it to be minor, can you correct the error? You can
kick it back down to Draft status by clicking Cancel Approval. That basically unpublishes the version
of the document and returns it to a minor version number and draft status.
You know what versions are, you know what content approval is, and, more importantly, you
know how they work together. You should have some idea as to how to use these features in
your business or whether they should be used at all. Eventually though, you are going to
outgrow the existing Shared Documents library. To prepare for that eventuality, let’s create our own
document library so we can customize the library’s template and explore content types.
Creating a Document Library
Because document libraries are so useful and so versatile, chances are good that you are going
to need to create more than one. Keep in mind that although you can upload any allowed file
type to a library, libraries can be created to focus on a particular type of file, custom template, or
group of content types. Libraries have also evolved to be used to focus on a particular part of the
document management process. Because copies of files can be sent from one library to another, a
document can start in a library focused on writing and editing, and a copy can then be sent to a
library focused on content approval by the legal department and then on to the library used for
preparing documents for publication. Finally, a copy can be sent to an archive for backup, while
the originals are all removed from the libraries earlier in the process. Regardless of how
libraries it into the scheme of your collaborative needs, it’s likely you’ll need to know how to create
more than one.
Creating a library is just like creating any other list:
1. Click the Site Action menu, and select More Options... from the drop-down menu (or you
can click one of the headings in the Quick Launch bar and then click Create in the All Site
Content page).
2. On the Create page, in the Library category, select Document Library.
For creating lists and libraries, I am using a machine with Silverlight not installed.
The problem is that if you have Silverlight installed and you want to create a new library, it will not
display the option to enable incoming email in the New Library interface. That setting is simply
missing. If you want to enable that feature easily while creating the library (or list), do it from the
server or a non-Silverlight workstation.
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