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This library should be email-enabled, so select Yes to allow this document library to receive
email. This setting is useful for those busy employees who may have their email up but may
not want to browse, log in, and navigate to the library to upload a file. They can simply email
to the library with the document attached, and it will be added to the library automatically.
6. My example uses the email alias companylib for the library.
You can also conveniently enable Document Versioning while creating a document
library so it is ready to start versioning before the first document is added.
7. In the Document Version History section, select Yes to create a new version each time a
document is edited in the library.
The Document Template section contains powerful and sometimes overlooked
settings for a document library. For one thing, it is unfortunately named. It isn’t just for
documents. In Figure 8.43, you can see that there are more templates to base a
document library on than one that just makes documents. Yes, you can choose a Word
document (either 97/2003 compatible or 2007/2010 compatible), but you can also choose a
PowerPoint presentation, an Excel spreadsheet, OneNote sections, and even SharePoint
Designer web pages. You can also use libraries for basic web pages and web part pages.
(The library’s ability to have a template for web pages helps make wiki libraries possible.)
8. Choose Microsoft Word Document in the Document Templates drop-down list. This will
apply a Word 2007/2010 .dotx template to the library.
9. Click Create to finish. You should end up on the content page of your new document
library. In the Quick Launch bar in Figure 8.43, you can see that CompanyLibrary is
listed. The address bar indicates that you are on the CompanyLibrary/Forms/AllItems
.aspx page (there may be some extra URL query string characters after it, but the page is
AllItems.aspx). This is the default view for the library.
The new
content page
Replacing a Library’s Template with an Existing Template
Before you create any documents in this library, let’s replace that blank Word template with one
of your own. In this example, you are going to replace it with an existing company letterhead
template that was made elsewhere. Two easy phases are involved in using your own template
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