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Document Template This section is where you specify the template that will be
associated with this content type. This is a convenient place for you to upload the template to
SharePoint that will be used for this content type. Alternatively, if the document template
already exists in another library, you can specify its URL in this section.
The content
type’s Advanced
Settings page
Read Only This section allows you to restrict the editing of the content type’s settings.
If you do want the content type to be read-only and unmodifiable, keep in mind that this
setting can be changed by someone with the right to edit content types.
If a content type is set to Read Only, on the content type’s settings page all configuration settings you
might have wanted to use disappear except for the Advanced Settings page (the page you need to be
able to access to disable Read Only). In addition, if you do set a content type to Read Only and change
your mind, disabling Read Only might disconnect any workflows that might be associated with that
content type. Be sure to specify the workflow association again after disabling Read Only.
Update Sites And Lists Settings in this section can be particularly useful. As you know,
you create new content types by basing them on existing content types. What you might
not have considered is that SharePoint remembers the connection. And if you change a
parent content type, those changes can trickle down to all content types based on that
parent. It is in this section that you can choose to allow changes made to this content type
to be inherited by all content types based on it (the default), or not.
8. For the Document Template section, I am going to upload a PowerPoint template,
dem0tek.potx, from my local drive. Keep the defaults for the Read Only and Update Sites
And Lists sections, and click OK to finish the advanced settings for this content type.
The advanced settings are the only thing changing at this time for this content type;
however, keep in mind that you can make changes at any time, including adding more fields if you’d
like from either existing site columns or site columns that you create yourself.
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