Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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items are now listed. The first item, Document, will be the default if you click
New without going to the down arrow.
Two content types
for the new library
Two template
options under
the New
3. To see this for yourself, click away from the drop-down menu, and then click the New
Document button. SharePoint will use the default blank document template for Word.
4. Add some text, save, and close. Name the document (my example is Firstproject). That
should put your new document in the library.
5. To use the PowerPoint template, click the down arrow next to the New Document button,
and select the new content type (my example is called ProjectSlides) in the drop-down
menu. This will open a presentation in PowerPoint using the template you uploaded.
6. Create some slides, and enter whatever text you’d like. Then save the file (my example is
Firstpresentation), and close PowerPoint.
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