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On the content page of the library, you can see that two documents are stored there
(Figure 8.54). In the Type column, notice that the two file types are different. Firstproject is a
Word document, and firstpresentation is a PowerPoint file.
Two different
content type items in
the library
Because these content types are based on the same parent (Document), they have the same
fields. If you want to add fields to the library, they can be added to both content types as if they
were one kind of library item. While you are creating the field, simply select Add To All Content
Types at the bottom of the Create Column page, as you can see in my example of a new field for
Projects in Figure 8.55. Keep in mind that this will affect only the content types applied to this
library. The change will not propagate up to the content types stored in the content types gallery.
Adding a new field
to all content types
on the Create
Column page
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