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Using Send To
Earlier in this chapter, you saw that SharePoint has a Send To feature that makes it convenient to
copy a file from one library to another. When you’re working with a great many documents, using
one library to store everything might not be a good idea. The number of finished documents can
far exceed the number of documents in progress. Because of this, people often have archive libraries ,
where finished projects can be moved to simplify the organization of the primary library. From that
idea also spring things such as a legal library, where documents can be copied to after editing to be
checked by the legal department. Sending documents from one library to another in some
environments is a natural part of the process. Send To was designed to address this process.
Send To can send documents to other libraries on a site, to a different library somewhere in the site
collection, or to a library in a different web application if you are using Office 2007 or newer (other
Office products aren’t web application–aware).
In a document item’s drop-down menu, Send To has options that correspond to the buttons
in the Copies section of the Documents ribbon:
Other Location This option allows you to send a copy of a document from one library to
another. You can specify a default location for this option to encourage users to send finished
copies to a particular library as part of a document management process.
Email A Link You can email a link to the document to someone if you’d like them to read
or edit the document.
Create Document Workspace Like its predecessors, SharePoint Foundation offers the
option to create a workspace subsite to work on a particular document. Creating a document
workspace will be covered in Chapter 9, “Sites, Subsites, and Workspaces.”
Download A Copy This option simply lets you quickly download a copy of a document to
your machine in case you may be going ofline.
The most useful and most frequently used option when you’re using Send To is sending a
copy of a document to another library (Other Location).
You can send a copy of a document from one library to another using two different methods:
linked or unlinked. A linked copy can be updated with whatever changes were checked in from
the originating document. That way, the archived copy does not become obsolete or out of sync
with the original. An unlinked copy is completely independent from the original and will not be
changed when the original changes.
SharePoint lets you specify whether a copy should be linked or unlinked by choosing, oddly
enough, whether you can prompt for updates. This option is unfortunately worded. SharePoint
doesn’t actually prompt you to update copies of a document after you check it in. This inconsistency
makes the feature seem unfinished somehow. For now, if you want a document to send its changes
to a copy that might be stored in a different library, you need to remember to force it yourself.
Microsoft intends this option to be used to send a finished copy of a document to a
different library to be archived. That means the destination library should not be actively editing the
document. To this end, the destination or target library for the document copy must not require
check out, or updating from the original document will not work.
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