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As an example, let’s send a copy of a document from the Shared Documents library to the
CompanyLibrary as a reference for future documents and keep it linked. That way, when you
change the document in the originating library (Shared Documents), you can update the copy in
the destination library (CompanyLibrary).
SharePoint will offer to let you update copies if major and minor versioning are enabled and you
are publishing a document to a major version. At that point, it will display a section in the dialog
box offering to update copies.
You will not be prompted to update copies when you save and check in a document, but it will offer
to update copies if you manually check the document in after the document changes have been saved
to the library.
But that’s the closest it gets to a prompt for updates. If the library does not have major and minor
versioning enabled and you aren’t working with a minor version, even this option isn’t available.
There is no way, just looking at the library or checking in a document, to tell whether it needs to
update its copies, until you go to the Manage Copies page.
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