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The Destination section is where you specify the location of the library where you’d like to
put the document copy. My example is sending a copy from the Shared Documents library
to the CompanyLibrary you made earlier. Because you can send documents to libraries
outside this site (such as a different subsite, site collection, or even a different web application),
you need to specify the correct URL for the destination library’s location.
4. In the Destination section, enter the URL for the destination library. My example
specifies http://sp2/companylibrary, because that is the URL of the site where the library is
located and the library name. You don’t need to copy and paste the library’s URL here; you
can use the library’s real name, even if it has spaces in it. Just keep in mind that SharePoint
specifies sites by their URL, not their title. So, it’s best to get in the habit of using a URL.
If you’re not sure of the URL or library name, click the Click Here To Test link to open a window to
the location. If an incorrect library comes up, correct the address and try again.
5. The Update section is where you decide whether the copy should keep a link with its
original. To make this a linked copy, choose Prompt The Author To Send Out Updates
When The Document Is Checked In. That option implies that a prompt will pop up when
you are updating an original, but it won’t. It is really just meant to link the copy. The
only sort of prompt you will get appears when you are publishing a minor version to a
major version; there is a radio button to select to update copies. Otherwise, you’ll need to
remember to update copies yourself.
If you don’t want a copy to be linked, choose No for The Author To Send Out Updates When The
Document Is Checked In. Also keep in mind you can unlink a copy from its original at any time.
The Update section also has the option to create an alert for the original document’s
library, so you can get an email to let you know that the document has been changed.
This will let you make sure that, if you need to keep the copy updated, you know when to
force the update.
6. Choose Yes to prompt the author to send out updates. You can always unlink the copy
later. You can also enable an alert on the original so you will be aware when changes
are made (although this doesn’t always work I’ve found, so check your user alerts to see
whether it really sets; then set it yourself if it doesn’t).
7. Once you’ve entered the correct location for the document copy and other settings, click
OK to continue the copy process.
8. A Copy Progress dialog box will appear to confirm your selection. Check the path, and
make sure it is the correct document (it may look like a Copy box and have a status of
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