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There is an additional, and easier, way to update copies from an original in the content page
of a library. Just follow these steps:
1. Go back to the original library (Shared Documents).
2. In the drop-down menu for the document you copied (my example is newdoc), select
Send To.
3. In the Send To pop out menu, you’ll see the Existing Copies option (Figure 8.61). If you
click that, it will take you to the same Update Copies page that you used earlier from the
Manage Copies page. Feel free to update any copies you’d like. In our case, it’s not really
necessary, but it’s nice to know the option is here.
Existing Copies
option on original
If you only want to make a copy of a document in another library without being able to update that
copy, simply send that copy to the other location, but choose No to the prompt for updates.
Then, if you check the item selection menu, there will be no Send To Existing Copies option
because you chose No for the prompt for updates action. If you go to the Manage Copies box for that
document, you will see that the document is listed under Copies that do not prompt for updates.
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