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This means that the copy is not set to be updated. To link the original with the copy, just click the
edit icon for the copy and change the Update setting to Yes on the Edit Copy page.
Keep in mind that if you are going to change the update options of a copy, you must change them
at the original document’s properties, not the copy’s properties.
Configuring a Library with a Default Send To Location
Now that you know how Send To works, you can see how useful it can be. But, wouldn’t it be
nice if you could specify a particular default library that the users could just select to Send To
instead of having to specify the URL themselves?
1. To configure the Send To destination for the Shared Documents library, go to the Library
ribbon, and click the Library Settings button.
2. On the Document Library Settings page, click the Advanced Settings link.
3. In the Custom Send To Destination section, enter a destination name (keep it short
because it will be listed in small pop-out menus) and the URL to the library (notice that
there is no link to test the URL). In my example, I am going to use companyLib as the
name and the Company Library URL (Figure 8.62).
Advanced Settings
page, with custom
Send To destination
4. Once you’ve finished entering your destination name and URL, scroll to the bottom of the
page, and click OK.
5. This will take you back out to the Document Library Settings page. Click the name of
the library in the title breadcrumb (or the link in the Quick Launch bar) to return to the
Shared Documents library.
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