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6. To see whether it works, select a document that doesn’t already have a copy sent to a
library (in my case, I am using NeedsCheckIn), let’s try sending a copy to the new Send
To destination.
7. In the drop-down menu on your selected document item, choose Send To, and in the
pop-out menu you’ll see your new destination listed (Figure 8.63).
Library’s custom
Send To
destination in menu
8. If you click it, you’ll see the familiar Copy page for the document (but with the
destination already filled in). Just decide whether you want the copy linked, and click OK.
9. This will bring up a confirmation page; just click OK. Then, when the copy operation is
done, click Done at the top of the content area. Feel free to check the Manage Copies page
for the document to see whether the process worked, or go to the destination library.
That’s about it for using Send To to send linked copies of documents to other libraries in
Up until this point you’ve done a lot of Send To work in the item menu, but if you were to click the
Send To button in the Library ribbon, its drop-down menu would also display the destination
configured for the library. It’s all the same to SharePoint.
So far, you’ve added documents and fields to libraries and configured versioning, required
checkout, content approval, and Send To. You’ve created content types, configured library
templates, and even created other document libraries. That’s about all there is to document libraries.
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