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However, a few other kinds of libraries are available in SharePoint. They are very similar to
document libraries; they simply were meant to store and manage different file types.
Picture Library
Picture libraries are intended to store all the pictures a site or site collection might require
(with thumbnail views, download options, and slide shows). Each image file stored in a picture
library will have a URL so you can use it elsewhere. This comes in handy if you have, for
example, a contact list of employees. You can then enter the URL of the employee’s photograph into a
field (that uses the hyperlink or picture column type) in the contact list.
Picture libraries are not listed under Libraries on the Quick Launch bar; instead, the heading
is generated when the first picture library is created and set to appear on the Quick Launch bar.
Then, even if the library is deleted, the heading will remain.
To see how a picture library works, let’s create one:
1. Click Site Actions, and then click More Options from the drop-down menu. On the Create
page, click Picture Library in the Libraries category.
2. As you can see in Figure 8.64, the settings for a new picture library are similar to those of
any other library. You can enable incoming email and versioning, and you can determine
whether the link for the library will be on the Quick Launch bar. Name the library (mine
will be CompanyPictures for this example), give it a description, and enable incoming
email (my example’s alias is pictures ). Keep the defaults for navigation and versioning.
When the settings are complete, click Create.
Creating new
picture library
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