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The Wiki Page Library
The wiki page library is just a library of web pages. You actually have considerable experience
with the new wiki pages for this version of SharePoint if you’ve done any work with the home
page (as you did exploring the SharePoint interface in Chapter 4). For the Team Site template,
Microsoft has chosen to use a wiki page as the home page.
Wiki pages support rich content and can have pictures, tables, and even web parts inserted
into them. Text can also be significantly formatted. Also, like any web part page, any wiki page
can be made into the home page with a click of a button in the ribbon bar.
There is already a modified wiki page library on the team site called Site Pages. It contains
the home page for the site. However, you’ll create a new wiki library here so you can really see
how it works:
1. To create a wiki library, go to More Options in the Site Action menu, and then select Wiki
Page Library from the Libraries category on the Create page.
2. On the New page for your new library, simply specify the name and description of the
library and allow it to display the library on the Quick Launch bar. Wiki libraries don’t
support incoming email and, like the picture library, can’t be assigned a template because
all wiki pages are going to be HTML pages. For wiki libraries, versioning is enabled by
default, so the option isn’t available during creation. Wiki libraries are very simple
libraries meant to do one thing: contain web pages that link to one another. Then click Create.
As you can see in Figure 8.67, the wiki library in my example is called CompanyWiki. In the
Quick Launch bar, it is listed under Libraries.
The new wiki
One of the more unusual things about a wiki library is its default view. A wiki library opens
with a view that displays a default file in the library named Home. The title of the text in the
page might be “Welcome to your wiki library!” but the filename is Home. As a matter of fact,
there are only two pages in this library so far, by default—Home (the page you’re looking at
now) and How To Use This Library.
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