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The Home page for the Site Pages library has been modified to be the actual home page for the site
(if the wiki home page feature is enabled). Because of that, its default view is the All Pages view,
not the Home page for the library.
You might notice that there is no ribbon toolset in the top ribbon bar for this library, unlike
Shared Documents or any lists. This may be because the Page tab on the top ribbon bar was
meant for the wiki page. The menu there is very much like the Documents and Library ribbons
rolled into one for wiki pages. There is a standard Library Tools toolset for this library, but you
can’t get to it from here.
When you reach the wiki library for the first time, there is the ever-present top ribbon bar, as
well as the title area, top link bar (with the search field and help icon), and the Quick Launch bar
on the left of the page. A new section has been added above the Quick Launch bar just for the
wiki library displaying the most recently modified pages.
Because of the shenanigans needed to make a wiki the site’s home page, this library’s description
does not actually show up in the title area as it does for all other lists and libraries. Instead, the site’s
description is displayed. This is the only place, other than the home page, to do so.
Mind you, you might consider disabling the site feature that makes wiki home pages possible and
therefore maybe getting your description back for the wiki library. And that may work, but the
description you gave the site will also stop displaying on the home page.
To get to the library’s actual content page (and the Library Tools), you need to activate the
Page ribbon. Click the Page tab in the top ribbon bar (Figure 8.68).
In the Page ribbon are some buttons you’ve seen before and some that are unique to wiki pages:
Edit and Check Out (it is a library after all) in the Edit section.
Edit Properties, Page History, Page Permission, and Delete Page, as well as a Rename Page
button in the Manage section.
E-mail A Link and Alert Me! in the Share & Track section.
The Page Actions section contains Make Homepage and an Incoming Links button. The Make
Homepage button, available on the Page ribbon for content pages also, will make the page
you are on the home page, replacing the home page you currently have. This has no “undo”
feature, so be careful about using it. To undo, you can either reapply the original wiki page
or delete the page (if you are using a web part home page). The Incoming Links button helps
manage the links in the library by showing what pages have links to the page you are on.
The Page Library section of the ribbon is unique to the wiki library. It contains the buttons
to manage the library while on a wiki page. The Library Settings button gives you access
to the library’s settings, and Library Permissions has an equivalent function. The last
button, View All Pages, takes you under the wiki page you are on to see the content page for the
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