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Adding a new
wiki page
2. All it needs is a name. I am going to use irstpage for my example. Then click Create.
A new wiki page will appear, with a blank area (a lot like an empty web part zone) to
start working in. Because wiki pages are rich content pages, just like the home page, you
can edit the heck out of them; change their layout; and insert pictures, links, web parts,
tables, and even entire files if you’d like. In addition, you can use the wiki syntax to easily
make a link to another page in the library.
3. To follow my example, just enter some text and a link to the other library pages for more
info. The syntax for wiki links is two square brackets around the page name (for example,
[[home]]). When you start typing the link, the page will try to help suggest the page
name for other pages in the library. This is useful both for avoiding typos and in case the
names are long (Figure 8.71).
Editing a new
wiki page
Begin the syntax with two open brackets, and a drop-down listing the other pages in the
library will appear. Just highlight the page name you want and hit Enter, and the link
will complete itself.
4. Once you are done working on the page, click the Save & Close button in the Documents
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