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Publishing an InfoPath Template to a Form Library
To create a form, save it, and publish it to a SharePoint InfoPath library, you have to use
InfoPath Designer.
In my example, I opened InfoPath and used a sample template (see the Travel Request form
in Figure 8.72). It was saved as companytravel.xsn locally.
The Travel Report
template in
InfoPath Designer
Once the form template is designed the way you like it and you’ve saved it locally, the form is
ready to be published to the library:
1. In InfoPath, click the File tab, select Publish, and then click the SharePoint Server button
(Figure 8.73). (Alternatively, if you haven’t used this template elsewhere, you can click
Quick Publish in the Quick Access toolbar and then specify in the wizard that you want
to publish to SharePoint.)
2. This opens a Publishing Wizard dialog box for you to choose where you want the
template to be published. Specify a URL for the site containing the form library (Figure 8.74).
My example uses http://spf2. Enter the URL, and click Next.
The next screen (Figure 8.75) wants to know whether the form will be associated with a form
library or a content type. It also warns that, because there is no enterprise-level InfoPath
services on the SharePoint server or an InfoPath server on the network, the InfoPath forms will
not be browser-enabled. The user must use InfoPath Filler to ill out forms in a form library.
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