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Choose what
should be
associated with
the template.
Choose the form
library to which to
publish the form
5. The next screen shows the fields that will be available for the library list item itself (the
form’s metadata if you will). You can add or remove fields here. Doing so does not affect
the form template’s fields. For this example, let’s leave them as is, and click Next.
6. The last screen is to verify whether the settings are correct. If they are correct
(Figure 8.77), click Publish to publish the form to the form library.
7. After the form template publishes to the library, you will get a screen that says “Your
form template was successfully published.” You can open the form library from there if
you’d like, or you can click Close to finish. Check the box to Open This Form Library, and
click Close to return to the form library.
Back on the form library, it will look no different. The template in the library’s Advanced
Settings page will appear as simply Template.xsn, and you can’t view this kind of library in
Explorer to see whether the template is in the Forms folder. The easiest way to tell whether the
template published correctly is to try to create a new instance of the form.
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