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Create a library. A library is a kind of list that focuses primarily on the files that are
attached to the list items. There are several different types of libraries, depending on the type
of file they are intended to store. Creating a library is as easy as opening the Create page,
selecting the type of library, and configuring it. There are several different types of libraries.
Master It If you do not have any Microsoft Office products installed on your machine,
what two main features of document libraries are not available?
Use the different kinds of libraries. Document libraries can be created for any type of file,
but SharePoint has four main kinds of libraries with different features and views. These four
libraries are the document library, form library, wiki page library, and picture library.
Master It You’re restructuring the content of some of your libraries and are planning on
moving content from one library to another. What key facts do you need to keep in mind
regarding wiki libraries when it comes to moving or uploading files?
Set checkout, content approval, and versioning. Require Check Out forces users of a
document library to check out a document if they intend to edit it. This helps enforce version
management by allowing only one person to edit a document at a time. When a document
is checked out, it can be only be read by other users, but they cannot edit the document until
the person with it checked out checks it back in.
Content approval can allow items to remain invisible to most list or library viewers until
someone with approval rights approves the item. In a library with content approval and
major and minor versions enabled, only major versions of a document can be approved.
Versioning means that whenever a list or library item (or its attached document) is changed,
that change is saved as a different version. That means that if an edit was a mistake, you can
restore a previous version of the item.
Master It Brian has left the company, but some of the documents in your Shared
Documents library are still checked out by him. Several of the documents have multiple
versions stored, but one was a new document that Brian uploaded to the server recently.
What three methods are available to check these documents back in?
Manage content types. By default each library (like most lists) has one content type. The
content type of a library item is one that can have a single template associated with it such as
Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, or Excel spreadsheets. However, it is possible to
have a document library with multiple content types, allowing the library to create a mix of
documents and multiple templates.
Master It You have a general document library for the public relations department.
They want to use the library to manage a large number of different file types—from
Word to pictures to movie clips to more obscure things. Many of them were created in
products other than Office. More importantly, the type of files they’re going to use is
likely to change over time. How should you configure the content types for this library?
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