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Chapter 9
Sites, Subsites, and Workspaces
You’ve seen all the amazing things you can configure with lists and libraries. Now it’s time to look
at what you can do to the site overall and how to leverage SharePoint to provide multiple sites for
multiple purposes and users. Adding new sites to a site collection is easy, and you can customize
these sites to do almost anything. From adding additional Team Sites to providing blogging and
wiki services, SharePoint offers numerous site types and configuration offerings.
In this chapter, you’ll learn how to
Create and customize a new site
Adjust a site’s settings for administrative purposes
Understand the different types of SharePoint site templates available
Definitions and Concepts
To better understand the different types of SharePoint sites, let’s first review some core
definitions and concepts:
Site A site is simply a shorter way of saying a SharePoint website. A site (as opposed to
a site collection) is a collection of web page documents, connected by links, usually under
a single URL, such as http://spf2/default.aspx and http://spf2/lists/tasks/
allitems.aspx. A site in SharePoint is either a top-level site or a subsite in a site collection.
Site Definition Each SharePoint site is based on a site definition. This determines what all
sites based on the definition can do, what web parts are available, whether any custom
features are loaded, and how libraries and lists are configured. The site definition is the
underlying framework for SharePoint sites.
Site Template A site template is similar to the site definition in that it determines how a site
is displayed; what premade lists, libraries, and web parts are created; and what settings and
configuration are available. It essentially reines the potential of a site definition into discrete
sites for different purposes. A site template is used to generate the site and is applied when
a site is created; once the site is created, the template is done, and the site can be customized
further. All templates have, as their base, a site definition. Site templates require a site
definition to work from. Thus, regardless of which template you use for a site, they all have the
same capabilities set by the site definition; they differ only in which capabilities have been
applied, what is prebuilt, how it is laid out, and how it looks.
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