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Site Settings
Your new site is obviously a lot like the old site because it’s based on the same template.
Fortunately, SharePoint is very customizable, and a lot can be done to the sites to make them
unique without any web development.
To edit the site’s settings, go to the Site Actions menu, and choose Site Settings. You’ll see the
page shown in Figure 9.4.
The Site Settings
page for a subsite
The Site Settings page for the HR team site shows the settings available for that site only—as you’d
expect. But top-level sites are different. A top-level site is the first site in a site collection, and all
subsites that reside below it. So, a top-level site (such as the Company Site in my example) needs
to provide the settings for both itself and the entire site collection. For this reason, there are more
items available on the Site Settings page for a top-level site.
These site collection settings are not kept in a separate section but dispersed among the site
settings based on their function. For example, there are three galleries for sites and an additional four
galleries for site collections. So, although the Galleries section for the HR team subsite contains
three links, the Galleries section for the company site contains seven.
These additional top-level site settings affect the entire site collection and are covered in Chapter 10.
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