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both of which add users or groups to the whole site collection. The Check Permissions button
conveniently lets you check the permissions on the site being applied to a user.
Editing the site
If you break inheritance and use custom permissions (or start with custom permissions from initial
creation) and later decide you want to inherit permissions from the parent site, enabling inheritance
will erase any custom permissions you might have set.
Look and Feel
The Look And Feel category on the Site Settings page focuses on what the end users care
about: the user interface. Everything in this category is designed to modify the site for ease
of use and layout.
T I T L E , D E S C R I P T I O N , A N D I C O N
This section allows you to edit the site’s title and description. Those fields are identical to the
fields on the New SharePoint Site page.
The page also lets you change the website address (the site’s URL). Changing the URL will
cause searches to fail until the next time the index service runs (because all the paths will
change). For details on setting the index frequency, see Chapter 3, “Complete Installation.”
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