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read. Quick Launch doesn’t manage these links. If you manually create a link to a page that later
disappears, the link will stay. This includes manual links to pages within this site or site collection.
Links are sorted in groups under a heading (Libraries, Lists, or Discussions in my example).
These heading can also be added, removed, and edited. You can also edit a link to move it from
one heading to another. If a new kind of site object is created, such as Survey or Picture Library,
the heading for that type of object is added, along with the managed link. Something to keep in
mind is that the Quick Launch can only support about 50 links by default, before it simply stops
displaying any new links.
To demonstrate how easy it is to remove links or headings from the Quick Launch bar, let’s
delete the Discussions heading. Maybe it’s company policy to remove it from the Quick Launch
bar to avoid distracting the users with the discussion list. Getting that heading off the Quick
Launch bar will help keep things neat. To delete the heading, click the Edit button next to the
Discussions heading, and then choose Delete. See Figure 9.10.
The Edit
Heading page
Deleting a heading will also delete any links underneath it. If you ever want to delete a
heading and retain the links, you’ll need to edit each link and move it to a new heading.
Once you confirm the deletion, you can see that the Discussions heading is no longer on the
Quick Launch bar. See Figure 9.11.
The modified
Quick Launch
bar with no
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