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Just like the links on the Quick Launch bar, the autocreated links on the top link bar are
managed. They’ll disappear if the referenced site is deleted. However, manually created links
(even links to pages on the SharePoint site) are unmanaged and will remain if the referenced
page is deleted.
Let’s create a new link to an external website (for example, your company’s site, webmail
interface, local news, weather, or whatever). My example creates a link to Google, as shown in
Figure 9.13. Put the URL for the link in the web address field, and then type a description. The
description is what will be in the top link tab, so keep it short. When you are done, click OK to
create the new link.
The new link
A Google link appears on the top link bar, as shown in Figure 9.14. Clicking this link will
take you to Obviously, this will cause your browser to leave your SharePoint
site. The only way to return to SharePoint is to use your browser’s Back button.
The modified top
link bar
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