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By default all SharePoint sites have the Quick Launch bar for navigation on the left side of
most pages. However, there is an alternative: tree view. This view can be used instead of or in
addition to the Quick Launch bar. The Quick Launch bar contains site links grouped logically,
whereas the tree view shows the full site hierarchy in a physical sense. It behaves the same way
as the tree pane in Windows Explorer or most MMC consoles. You can enable just the Quick
Launch bar (the default), just the tree view, both, or neither. See Figure 9.15.
The Tree View page
When you enable both settings, a new Site Contents section will be added to the Quick Launch
bar showing the site’s contents using the tree view. Enabling neither doesn’t reclaim that space
(meaning disabling Quick Launch too); it just leaves the All Site Content link and the Recycle Bin in
place (moving them up the page), and removes all the other headings and links. This flexibility in
controlling what links are on the Quick Launch bar, what order they go in, whether there should be
a display of site hierarchy, or even whether there should be much of anything there at all allows you
more control over what the users see conveniently and therefore what they use conveniently. And
keep in mind that the navigation design decision affects all pages on the site except settings pages.
So, give it some serious thought when planning your subsites.
For this example, let’s go ahead and enable both, then click OK.
We’ve created a subsite beneath the top-level site. And because location has its privilege, the child sites
directly beneath top-level sites are added to the parent site’s Quick Launch and top link bars.
However, if the child site spawned a child site of its own, such as the HR team site having an HR
blog subsite (called HR in Action!, for example), that subsite would not be on the top link bar of the
main Company Site. It’s too far away from the top-level site for it to even realize the sub-subsite
was created.
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