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This is because the HR blog is inheriting the top links from its parent site, the HR team site, which
has its own, unique top link bar. This means that the HR blog has the same top link bar as the HR
team site, which is different from the top link bar on the main company site because the HR team
site is not inheriting the main company site’s top link bar.
The bottom line is that sub-subsites are not naturally listed in the Quick Launch bar or top link bar
on the top-level site or any level above the subsite’s parent (depending on the inheritance of these
navigation features). The only site that will always have a link to it (if you don’t disable it) is the
subsubsite’s parent. So, to get to the HR blog, you first have to know that you need to go to the HR team
site and then click the HR Blog link in the Quick Launch bar or top link bar to get to the HR blog.
If you want users to be able to find and access all subsites in the site collection more conveniently
from the top-level site, consider enabling tree view for the top-level site. This will add the Site
Content section to the Quick Launch bar area. (It can take up a lot of space and clutter the Quick
Launch bar, which is why so many people leave it off.) However, if you have Site Content on (which
is what the tree view is called when enabled), you can use it to see what sites are where at any level
throughout the site collection. And if you had your subsites inheriting the Quick Launch bar from
the top-level site, they would automatically have the Site Content section available as well.
In the Site Content section of the Quick Launch bar (on the far left of the page), the lists, libraries, and
subsites are displayed. Subsites are indicated first, with the rest of the local content displayed below.
Subsites have arrows, so you can expand them in the hierarchy to see what content they have available.
If a subsite has sites beneath it, they will be displayed with arrows so you can expand them as well.
So if you have a lot of subsites that contain subsites and you don’t want to have to add them manually
to the top link bar or to the Links List View web part of the top-level site, consider tree view.
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