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Site themes are a convenient and dramatic way to change the appearance of a SharePoint site.
Because SharePoint pages are rendered on the fly, changing the appearance using themes is
easy. The theme changes the colors and fonts for the site. It does not change the actual content
in any way. There are 20 built-in themes, but you can also design themes in PowerPoint 2010 and
import the resulting .thmx file to the Theme Gallery on the top-level site and use it for the site
throughout the site collection.
When you access the Site Theme page (Figure 9.16), you see the colors and fonts for that
theme displayed in a palette. On the palette, the top row shows the main colors used. The first
four colors are the big ones; these will have the greatest impact on the site. The remaining six
are for minor things (borders, text color for menu items, group title colors, and so on). So, focus
on the first four colors for the big stuff. The rest of the palettes are the accent colors, used for
tinting or shadowing (such as with the top link bar).
The Site
Theme page
Browse through the themes, pick one you like, and change your site. My example uses
Graham. After you apply your theme, go back to the HR team site (or whatever you named your
subsite) to check it out, as in Figure 9.17. The site now has a custom logo and a new theme, and
the Site Content section should appear on the Quick Launch bar.
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