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One item that is not included in the template (regardless of whether you choose to include
content) is your custom icon. No matter what, you’ll have to relink the icon on the new site.
By default, there is a 50 MB limit to the size of a site template. Anything larger will fail to be created.
You can change this size limit using the STSADM command-line tool, up to a maximum of 524,288,000
(500 MB). To change the size limit, open a command prompt on your SharePoint server, navigate to the
SharePoint root BIN folder (or just open the PowerShell console), and run the following:
stsadm -o setproperty -pn max-template-document-size -pv <size-in-bytes> -url
Replace < size-in-bytes> with the desired size—for example, 100000000 would be approximately
100 MB. Replace < site_url > with the site collection’s URL, for example http://spf1. STSADM
is discussed in greater detail in Chapter 14, “STSADM and Powershell.”
1. To create a template out of the HR team site and save what you’ve done so far as a
template, click the Save Site As Template link.
2. On the Save Site As Template page, enter a title and description for the template, as shown
in Figure 9.20. In this example, you don’t need to include the content. Then click OK at
the bottom of the page to complete the process. When it’s saved, it will let you know; click
Continue to return to the main page.
We’ll come back to this template later and see how to use it.
Saving the site as
a template
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