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Seven reports are available on the Quick Launch bar for this page:
Number Of Page Views Shows the number of page views the site has received each day. A
page view is simply every time the page is rendered (viewed).
Number Of Unique Visitors Displays the number of logins (users) that accessed the site
each day.
Number Of Referrers Shows how many referrers were logged each day. A referrer is the
URL that directed people to the site. This is probably the least-used report, because most
SharePoint pages are accessed directly or referred from another page in the same site.
Top Pages Lists the most frequently accessed pages.
Top Visitors Displays the users who have accessed the site, listed by frequency of visit.
Top Referrers Displays the referrer URLs that directed people to the site.
Top Browsers Displays the browser identified, sorted by the beloved count. At the time of
this writing, this report was identifying IE8 as IE7, so you should treat IE7 as “IE7 or later.”
When viewing a report, you’ll also notice an Analyze tab appears at the top of the page
next to Browse. Clicking this tab will open a ribbon containing two buttons: Previous Day
and Previous Month. Both of these buttons are grayed out and do nothing. They appear to be
designed for use with SharePoint Server 2010 (and not SharePoint Foundation).
You may be wondering where the reports get the numbers listed under Count in the Top Pages,
Top Visitors, Top Referrers, and Top Browsers reports. For example, does Top Visitors calculate the
count based on the number of times users logged in or based on the total page views? And how far
back does the metric go in time? Is this a list of top visitors today, this week, this month, or since
the site was created?
In WSS 3.0, it was possible to view reports on the top pages, visitors, and browsers as well. These
were calculated by counting page views, and you had the option to see it broken down by each day
or with a monthly summery.
Now, with SharePoint Foundation, it’s not so clear—it appears the count is still calculated by page views,
but there is no date range specified. Since the first three reports (Number Of Page Views, Number Of
Unique Visitors, and Number of Referrers) display data going back one month only, it’s likely the metrics
for the “Top” reports is similarly truncated, covering data for one month. But at the time of this writing,
this is not explicitly stated anywhere in SharePoint or Microsoft’s TechNet documentation.
Resetting a site to the default definition completely removes any extensive customization of
either a single page or the entire site. As you can see in Figure 9.22, there is no Undo button.
That’s the bad news. The good news is that customization doesn’t mean exactly what you
might think it does. Nothing you’ve done so far—the custom logo, the theme, the top link bar, or
the Quick Launch bar—has edited the site’s definition. From a site definition perspective, you’ve
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