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done nothing to customize this site; you’ve only changed some settings and maybe augmented it.
It’s still a team site. Resetting its definition won’t change anything. However, if the site had been
customized using SharePoint Designer, clicking the Reset button can reset it to the default. This
is sometimes handy if someone completely corrupts a site using SharePoint Designer.
Resetting to the
site definition
Site templates are used to speed up new site creation. You’ve looked at them briefly and even
created a custom template from the HR team site. So, what’s a site definition ?
Templates are used when you’re creating a site—and that’s it. Once a site is created, the template
no longer matters. You can customize the site well beyond the template.
Site definitions are more important. The site definition defines what can and cannot be available in
a template based on it. The site definition controls what type of site the site is—a meeting, a blog,
a wiki, a team site, or even Central Administration. Site definitions are the underlying XML and
ASPX files used to generate the page regardless of what kind of theme, logo, or change you apply
to the site. Under the hood, every site still adheres to its site definition. The core files are located
in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\14\
TEMPLATE\SiteTemplates in their own folders.
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