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The Regional
Settings page
By clicking the Account menu and choosing My Settings, an individual user can adjust their regional
settings to differ from the site’s regional settings. For example, a user can set their time zone to PST
even though the site is in the EST zone. The only exception is Sort Order, which cannot be adjusted
by individual users.
Time Zone The setting ensures that all posted announcements, modification dates, and
other time listings are adjusted for your local time zone.
Set Your Calendar This setting determines the calendar you use in your daily life. Most
people will use Gregorian, but you can adjust this for custom calendars, such as Buddhist.
Enable An Alternate Calendar If you need to track dates in two calendar forms, this
setting allows you to have one calendar that easily shows both forms—for example, if you
need Gregorian and also need the Hebrew Lunar calendar, enable the alternate calendar for
Hebrew Lunar and easily see both, as in Figure 9.25.
Define Your Work Week With this setting, you can choose which days are considered
“work” days (such as Monday through Friday) and when work starts and stops (such as 8 a.m.
through 5 p.m.). You can start the week on Sunday or Monday—or even Thursday if you like.
Time Format With this setting, you can choose whether you want 12-hour or 24-hour time
displayed. This setting can change automatically if you change the Locale setting, so make
sure you double-check it if you make any changes to this page.
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