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you have a busy department and need to keep track of everyone, this is the site for you (assum-
ing you don’t find its laws too distracting, that is).
The Group Work Site template has some prebuilt lists that work best when the site’s
permissions are explicitly set a certain way, and for this reason, it’s recommended to break inheritance
when creating a group site (For more information on breaking inheritance, see Chapter 12).
Let’s create one for the tech department:
1. From the Company Site, go to Site Settings New Site . This will again take you to the
New SharePoint Site page, as shown in Figure 9.40.
Creating the
tech department
group site
2. In this example, let’s call the new site Tech Dept . Give it a description “techdept.”
Select the Group Work Site template. For Permissions, make sure it’s set to Use Unique
Permissions . You can leave the rest at the default settings. Click Create .
3. Because you selected the option to use unique permissions, you now need to set up
groups for the site. See Figure 9.41. Here we build new groups for the site (or use existing
groups). These are then applied to the site and can of course be changed later.
By default SharePoint wants to set up three groups, basically the same groups we had on
the company site: Visitors, Members, and Owners. You should already be familiar with
these groups and their corresponding permission levels, but you can find more
information in Chapter 12. Visitors have read-only access, Members can read-write, and Owners
can do everything (including changing permissions).
4. With a group site, these groups really matter for the custom lists, and your
assumptions based on team sites may not be accurate. With a group site, it’s best to place
most users in the Visitors group and reserve the Members group for people who need
access to everyone’s items and schedule. This will become clear as we delve into the
site. For now, I’m creating a new group for both Visitors and Members, placing all the
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