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Populating the
Whereabouts list
Once the users are added, you can edit the rest of the columns for each item. Pick a user,
and click the Edit button to open the list item’s settings. Here you can set the person’s location
(where they are currently), what time they came in, what time they left for the day, and if they
go directly offsite in the morning or head directly home after work (and didn’t actually come
into the office). For the My Location field, the values In, OOF (Out of Facility), and Home are
hard-coded. You can also have up to five custom locations, two of which are preset with BizTrip
and Vacation (both of these can be edited or deleted). You can also have up to five values for the
Contact Information field; none is populated by default. These custom values (for Location and
Contact Information) are stored per user, so each user can have five custom locations.
Once you have the list populated, you can go back to the home page of the site, and you’ll
notice the Whereabouts web part is now showing where everyone is (Figure 9.46).
The home page
with the
Whereabouts web part
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