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From this web part, you can quickly update the person’s location, see their work hours under
Period, and even see whether any phone call memos are waiting for that person (more on phone
call memos shortly).
The group calendar has been modified from a normal calendar and has some interesting tricks.
You’ll notice it’s displayed in a web part on the home page of the site, and a link to the actual
calendar is also available on the Quick Launch bar. The group calendar is designed for two uses.
For the techs, it’ll be the way they see what events have been scheduled for them and potentially
where everyone else is. Administrators can create events, assign them to techs, and also assign
resources (from conference rooms to particular vehicles or tools the techs need to share).
The modifications to the regular calendar are provided by a site feature called Group Work
Lists (which you can deactivate in Site Settings Manage Features). Adding features to sites is
covered in Chapter 11.
The first significant change is the ability to add multiple users to the calendar so you can see
everyone’s events at a glance. Just enter each user’s account in the Add Person field to add their
name and see any events they have scheduled. See Figure 9.47.
Multiple people on
the group calendar
Now, before you get too excited about this, there is one inexplicable law: this view change is
not saved. So, you can view all the people you added as long as you don’t leave the page and go
anywhere else. For example, if you go into the Shared Documents list and come back, the
additional users will be gone, reverting the view to just your account. Microsoft has confirmed that
(at the time of this writing) this is the intended behavior. Baffling.
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