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but you can hit the Check button to make sure. Note that this does not check the availability
of people, only resources.
The Group
Calendar – New
Item window
Description This is a brief description of the event.
Category This is the type of event, from meeting to project to party. You can use one of the
prebuilt categories or add your own.
All Day Event This defines the event as all-day and removes the start and end times.
Recurrence Check to create an event that repeats on a set schedule.
Workspace Checking this box will create a new meeting workspace for the event as a
subsite of the group site. Once this box is selected, choosing Save for the event will immediately
take you to the New Meeting Workspace page, where you can enter the settings desired for
the new subsite, including the type of meeting workspace the site will be. The newly created
meeting workspace does not autopopulate with the attendees from the Calendar event, so
you’ll need to treat it like any other new meeting workspace and add the attendees again.
You’ll find more information about this topic in “Meeting Workspaces” later in this chapter.
To create a meeting workspace from the group calendar, you need the Create Subsite permission.
By default, this is available only to Site Owners (Contribute, the permission level that Site Members
use, does not have this permission). If you don’t have the permission, the Workspace box will be
available, and when you save the event, you’ll still get to the New Meeting Workspace page, but you
will be unable to choose the Inherit Permissions option, and the actual creation of the workspace
with fail, giving you an Access Denied error.
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