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I’m going to create a meeting for some of the tech staff, book Conference Room A, and not
bother to make a workspace. When it’s done, the event will appear on the calendar and be
shown for every attendee when they log in. See Figure 9.50.
The new event on
the group calendar
The Circulation list is probably the most confusing one on the group site, and it may not be
appropriate for your site. It is designed for handouts—basically a way to replace those “CC
everyone” emails you end up dealing with in the course of a day. It’s intended to be sent to
multiple people either for their input or for simple confirmation they’ve read the contents.
The list supports two content types: Circulation and Official Notice. The way these items
behave depends on the permissions at the site level, which is why it’s recommended you break
inheritance when you first created the group site. This is where placing your general users (the
techs, for example) into the site Visitors group becomes critical.
The list has several custom views:
My Unconfirmed Circulation This view shows any circulations where you’re a recipient
and have not yet confirmed you’ve read (and, if expected, edited) the circulation. This is the
default view.
My Circulation This view shows any circulations where you are a recipient, both
unconfirmed and confirmed.
Circulation From Me This view shows any circulations you have created and sent to other
All Circulations This shows all circulations.
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