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Let’s take a closer look at the list by creating a new circulation. Hit the New Item box to open
the Circulations – New Item window (see Figure 9.51).
Creating a new
A circulation has the following fields:
Title This is the title of the circulation.
Body This is the text for the circulation.
Due Date If the circulation is time sensitive (responses, confirmation, or actions need to be
done by a particular date or time), you can set the due date here.
Confidential Selecting this box allows the recipients to view and edit the circulation,
regardless of their normal access to the site. It also prevents anyone other than the creator
and recipients from even seeing the circulation, regardless of their normal access to the site.
Allow Editing This box does nothing. It has no impact on who can or cannot edit the
circulation. Permission to edit the file is determined by normal site permissions or the
Confidential check box.
Recipients This is a required field; it specifies the people for whom the circulation is
Once you’ve set up the circulation, click Save. At this point, you’ll be taken back to the main
list, and if you’re on the default view (My Unconfirmed Circulation), you won’t see your new
circulation (since you’re not a recipient). Change the view to All Circulations to see the new
circulation. If you now edit the circulation, you’ll see it has a new field, Comments (see Figure 9.52).
This lets recipients (if they have permission) post comments without having to touch the body
of the circulation.
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