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Editing a
Keep in mind that if you want recipients to be able to edit the circulation, either they must be
Site Members (and thus have the Contribute permission level) or you need to set Confidential (to
allow them to edit). Otherwise, they will not even be able to confirm the circulation.
The Circulation list works by playing with permissions. Whenever you create a new circulation in
the list, people have permission to do whatever they normally have permission to do on the site.
People who can read-write on the site (the site members) can read-write the circulations. People
who can only read on the site (site visitors) can only read the circulation, so they can’t edit or even
confirm the circulations.
The exception to this is when you click Confidential. At that point, the following happens:
The action breaks inheritance on the new circulation, removing all permissions from
the item.
It then adds the creator of the item (whoever you’re logged in as) to the item explicitly
with Full Control. And it adds the recipient(s) of the circulation (or official notice) with the
permission level Contributor.
It adds the recipient(s) to the site’s permissions with the level Limited Access (even if they’re
already listed in an existing group).
This means that if something is marked Confidential, then all recipients can edit the item, regardless
of what their normal permissions on the site permit. And people who were not previously able to
access the site at all now have Limited Access to the site (and, if the site its self is inher fiting
permissions, they have access to its parent, potentially going all the way to the top-level site).
For more information on permissions, see Chapter 12.
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