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The other content type for a circulation is the Official Notice type. This is almost identical to
Circulation except for two minor things:
The Allow Editing button is not available. But since it doesn’t do anything, this is minor.
There is no Comments field on the resulting list item. So although people can edit the
notice (if they have permission, it’s same rules as for Circulation), they can’t place
comments in the comment field (it’s simply not there).
The Phone Call Memo list is designed to replace the “while you were out” paper pad or email—
a way to let co-workers know that they missed a call. Like the Circulation list, the Phone Call
Memo list has four views, with options to sort the list by My Unresolved Memos, My Memos,
Memos from Me, and All Unresolved Memos.
1. Click Add New Item to create a new Phone Call Memo list. See Figure 9.53.
A new Phone Call
Memo item
2. You’ll notice this list also has a Confidential check box; it behaves the same way as it
does on the Circulation list. Selecting this box allows the recipients to edit and resolve
the memo, regardless of their normal access to the site. It also prevents anyone other
than the creator and recipients from even seeing the memo, regardless of their normal
access to the site. Once you’ve filled out the memo, click Save .
Back on the main home page for the group site, you’ll now notice that the memo’s
recipients have an alert icon by their names in the Whereabouts web part, as shown in
Figure 9.54. This icon shows up whenever someone has a new memo waiting; it’s a quick
way to see whether you or someone else has a memo waiting. Note that if the memo was
tagged Confidential, you won’t see the icon unless you’re either the memo author or the
recipient. Clicking this icon will take you back to the Phone Call Memo list, but it will be
filtered by that person’s name in the recipient field.
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