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SharePoint supports linking the events in a calendar with meeting workspaces. We just
created a new meeting workspace from an event, and these two items are now linked—each
provides a link to the other—and are tied together. But there’s a lot more you can do with these
links, and there’s some unique behavior in the relationships between meeting workspaces and
calendar events.
If you create a repeating calendar event and then create a meeting workspace for it, the
workspace will be aware of the recurrence, although it has an interesting way of showing it. It creates
separate instances of the workspace (so the pages look the same but they aren’t) for each meeting.
On the left side of the workspace (regardless of the template you choose) will be a Meeting
Series pane showing a list of the dates of the recurring event (see Figure 9.59). You select the
correct date, and the workspace will bring up the instance for that date.
The meeting
workspace for a
recurring event
This gives you a single meeting workspace for the event, even though it occurs repeatedly.
Each of the workspace’s libraries and lists tracks the instances (dates) for the workspace, keeping
them separate despite being in the same library, so you can have different attendees, tasks, and
decisions for each event.
Sometimes you create the meeting workspace before an event has been scheduled. (You
know there’s going to be a big meeting, but you don’t know when.) So, you create a meeting
workspace from the New SharePoint Site page. When the time comes to place the meeting event
on the calendar, you want to link this new event to your existing meeting workspace.
In this case, when you create the event and check the box to create a workspace, it takes you
to a modified creation page called New or Existing Meeting Workspace (Figure 9.60). It’s exactly
like the New Meeting Workspace page shown in Figure 9.56, except for the option to either link
an event to an existing meeting workspace or create a whole new workspace for it.
If you choose to link the event to an existing meeting, then you will have to choose the
meeting from the drop-down menu. The catch is that the meetings available as choices must be
directly off the site you are creating the calendar event on.
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