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The New or
Existing Meeting
Workspace page
You may notice the drop-down menu doesn’t include your existing workspaces that were created
directly from a recurring event.
Although it’s possible to link events to a meeting workspace that already has one or more events
linked to it, for some reason you cannot link a new event to an existing workspace if that workspace
was created from a recurring event.
You also can’t create a new recurring event and link it to an existing meeting workspace.
Recurring events cannot share workspaces with any other events.
When you choose the meeting to link the event to, that meeting workspace’s home page
spawns a new instance (with the same results as a workspace created from a reoccurring event).
Meeting workspaces maintain partial contact with the calendar event in the originating
calendar; as long as they’re linked, the workspace will reflect any changes made to the event. How
they behave depends on the number and type of events to which the workspace is linked.
If you have a single event attached to a workspace and you make changes to the date or times
of the event (for example, a meeting scheduled for 3 p.m. on Tuesday gets moved to 10 a.m. on
Friday), the moment you change the event on the calendar, the meeting workspace will update
to reflect the change. If you delete the event from the calendar altogether, it does not delete the
workspace, but the home page of the workspace will show an alert telling you the event has
been either unlinked or deleted. See Figure 9.61.
If you have a workspace linked to a recurring event, the linking gets a lot more confusing.
Because there are multiple events linked, when you move/edit an event, the workspace
reacts by marking the old event as unlinked/deleted and adding the updated date/time
as a new event. So if you move a recurring event from every Thursday at 3 p.m. to every
Friday at 1 p.m., the workspace will show both dates/times, some no longer linked to an
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