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event. You’ll need to edit these instances manually. The bottom line is, it’s best not to move
a recurring event.
With a workspace linked to multiple nonrecurring events (several separately created events), the
behavior is much better; moving one of the events to a new date/time will update the workspace
correctly. And if you delete one of the linked events, going to the workspace will prompt you with
an alert to do one of three things with the affected instance in the Meeting Series pane (Figure 9.62):
Move Merge all the data from the defunct instance into one of the other (still linked)
instances. So, all the attendees, objects, agenda items, and so on, are moved to the other
instance, potentially making that meeting pretty crowded.
Keep Leave the instance untouched—so you have an instance, with the old date/time and
no corresponding calendar event.
Delete Delete the instance and all the data it contains.
The workspace has
lost its event.
The Meeting Series
pane has a
canceled meeting.
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