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The Response field, which the list creator will probably leave set to None, is simply the
user’s response to the meeting request: None, Accepted, Tentative, or Declined.
The new Attendees
These meeting workspaces are simple sites. There is no automated way for a user to email
a response and have their Response field change by default. The meeting organizer (or the
attendee themselves if they have the permission to) will have to change that field manually. Also
note that the attendees need to have permission to access the site in order to see it. Make certain
the attendees can actually log in at least as visitors of the site.
Attendance also has three options, Required, Optional, and Organizer, which is a polite way
of saying “really required because you’re calling the meeting.”
A quick glance at the Attendees list will show you who’s supposed to attend, whether they
can make it, and who’s running the show (see Figure 9.65).
The Attendees list
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