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The Decisions list is used when decisions are actually being made. Each decision has a
Contact field and a Status field that can contain Proposed, Pending Approval, or Final.
Sometimes a meeting is less serious, and your primary goal is making sure everyone attends
and has a good time. Rather than create a meeting with the objective “Have a party,” why not
create a social meeting workspace? The Social template is geared toward both the before-party
planning (attendees, who needs to bring what, location, and timing) and after-party
reminiscence, with a discussion board and photo gallery, as shown in Figure 9.69. Social meetings are
considered one-shots, so the interface uses separate tabs for each list, rather than each
occurrence of a meeting.
The social meeting
When creating a workspace from a calendar event or document, the document or event name can
automatically be part of the workspace’s web address.
For example, the First Annual Tax Day Par t y Extravaganza social meeting workspace was generated
from a calendar event in which all the defaults were kept. As you can see in Figure 9.69, the address
for that workspace is particularly long and includes a lot of spaces (which URLs must render using
the ASCII code %20).
If there is a typo in the URL or it is too long (such as First Annual Tax Day Party Extravaganza), you
can easily change it. Just go to the site’s settings under Site Actions, and click Title, Description,
And Icon in the Look And Feel categor y. T his w ill give you the chance to change the URL . All subsites
below that workspace will also reflect the change.
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