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A Multipage template (see Figure 9.70) is simply a Basic template with two additional blank
pages provided to do with as you see it (just like taking a Basic meeting workspace and
manually adding two new pages). The home page of the multipage site is a basic site, minus the
document library.
A multipage
The two blank pages are really, really blank. You’ll want to customize these pages by adding
web parts to them before opening the workspace to users.
The Bottom Line
Create and customize a new site. Using the New SharePoint Site page, you can create a
new subsite or workspace from one of several templates, or you can create a new workspace
from an existing document or calendar event. The site can be customized using themes,
custom logos, lists, and libraries.
Master It After you create a new site, you discover you left a space in the URL, making
it hard for users to type (since it contains that darn %20 ASCII code). What steps do you
need to take to safely change the URL without breaking links to the site and its
subsequent subsites? Will anything fail the moment you change the URL?
Adjust a site’s settings for administrative purposes. You can configure sites to inherit or
set unique permissions on a site. You can also configure subsites to use tree view, manage
user alerts, place the site on the top link bar, adjust regional settings, enable features such as
RSS, and view usage reports.
Master It If you create a new subsite and choose to not place a link to this subsite on the
parent site’s top link bar and then set the subsite to inherit the top link bar from the
parent, what happens when you click the Home link on the subsite?
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